Instruções da Scooter

1. Start by ensuring the scooter is fully charged before use.

2. Make sure that the lever on the right rear bottom of the scooter is in the drive position (D) before turning the scooter on.

3. If the lever is in the neutral (N) position when you turn on the scooter, it will beep and will NOT move. Turn off the scooter, put the lever in the drive (D) position and turn the scooter back on.

4. The battery needs to be well placed on the base of the scooter.

5. Do not drive through strong rain or deep puddles.

6. The scooter may only be used by people over the age of 16. The scooter is intended to be used by a single person only. Riding the scooter with more than one person at the same time may cause damage and harm to the people riding the scooter. Any damage and injury caused are not covered by the insurance.

7. Be mindful of obstacles, uneven surfaces and other people while driving.

8. NEVER leave the key or the charger of the scooter unattended. Loss of the key or charger are not covered by the insurance and will be charged to the card on file.

9. Only disassemble the scooter if absolutely necessary to be able to put it in and/or take out of the vehicle for transportation. Please disassemble the scooter carefully without using too much force, the part(s) being removed may break.

10. Make sure the scooter is charged for 8 hours after each use or at least overnight at the end of each day.